I suppose I should add an about page.

I’m a working parent to an active 1 year old who stays at home with the person I’ve been happily married to since 2009. I’m also transgender, which doesn’t make as much of a difference as it seems like it should- although I imagine it may be more of an issue in years to come. Our main concerns, like most parents’, is meeting our kid’s needs and staying sane while doing it. Our toddler has some special needs that we’re finally in the process of getting addressed.

Like most parents, we’re convinced our child is a genius. We’ll see whether or not that’s actually true.

I’m also a bit of a weirdo health nut and I suppose fit the definition of ‘dirty hippy’. I generally avoid labels, though, there are very few that I fit fully.

The Trans Thing

So, I imagine that a lot of people who read this don’t really know what ‘trans’ really means. Basically, it’s short for ‘transgender’, which refers to people whose sense of gender doesn’t match what they were assigned at birth. I’ve got a few resources that’ll hopefully explain it better on the sidebar.

More specifically, mine is what’s called a non-binary gender- I don’t consider myself a man or a woman. Which, as you can imagine, is a little hard in this world. Most people aren’t really willing to acknowledge that’s possible. Navigating that can be a little weird. My partner also has a non-binary gender.

Although there are non-gendered alternatives to ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, none of them felt right to us. So our toddler knows me as Daddy and my partner as Dad, and so far it’s working for us.

Wait- so what IS your kid?

I mentioned early on that we’re not raising our kids genderless. In meatspace, we refer to our toddler according to what their birth certificate says and that’s how everyone knows them. So why the neutral pronouns?

Not any really big reason, personal preference. Just a reminder that our toddler isn’t yet old enough to express their own gender identity and, until they do, we don’t actually know whether our toddler is a he or a she. I’ll probably be changing it soon, given that our child already has some gender non-conforming traits and that’s going to become something we’ve got to navigate in time. We’ve already got some anxiety about it, because of the grandparents.

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