21 Day Belly Fix, Day 1: Why the heck do people do this?

I found out about the 21 Day Belly Fix recently. I got the book from the library, showed it to my partner, and we both said “Okay, let’s start it next week”. And we did! Given that I’ve spent an entire year trying to go on GAPS, this diet does sound, on paper, like it’ll mesh much better with us.

It’s similar to GAPS, only faster and opposite. GAPS cuts out fiber and focuses on bone broth from the start. 21 Day fix cuts out everything but fiber (slight exaggeration) and introduces bone broth about a week into it. It really depends on how you feel about fiber.

First day- I actually feel worse than if I’d just fasted. I feel dizzy and tired, as if I hadn’t eaten all day, even though I’ve eaten to the point of being full three times. Which is fairly interesting.

I’m very glad this is a quick diet. It adds more foods in quickly, so I’m not as worried about doing long-term damage and sticking with it isn’t as daunting.

Why do people do this? It’s something I can’t help but wonder- but I know the answer. It’s the reason I’m doing it. It’s the reason my partner’s doing it. It’s the reason I hope my kids will never, ever, ever have to do this.

Because I’ve had enough pain for long enough that I’m willing to take extreme measures. The possibility of relief is worth enduring this.

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