“I’m never going to be good enough for you, am I?”

This line is the turning point of the movie Legally Blonde. Elle Woods busted her ass to get into Harvard, and the man she loves continues to treat her like an airhead. From that point on, she stops wasting time trying to win him back and tells him where to stuff it when he tries to get back together with her later on.

I had that moment with my mother recently. I got a job that is actually pretty decent. It’s got a flexible schedule and I can make over $3k/month with it doing things that I actually enjoy doing. It could let me develop my career as an artist without having to live in poverty. I told my mom, told her that I finally got to quit the soul-crushing retail job, and she went on about how she’ll work with me on more job applications and “When you go to graduate school…”.

That’s when it hit me. I will never be good enough for my mother.

It was strange to realize. I think everyone craves their parent’s approval on some level, I’m not sure if that sense ever fully goes away. While I’m not actively trying to please my parents, I think I always expected that if I reached the point where I was supporting my family and doing what made me happy- they’d be happy for me.

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