Potty Training

I’ve talked a little bit about potty training here already. When our toddler was about 8 months old, we tried Elimination Communication. It was an immediate success, I was delighted and ego-ful. Then, mere months later, our baby who was regularly peeing on the potty, waking to pee, and starting to poo on the potty put his foot down. He was a diaper-wearing baby and that was that.

We had a few more attempts at potty training. Our toddler wasn’t ready. I was frustrated to no end- how could a child who, at 8 months old, knew how to pee in the potty and hold it not be able to at 16 months?! I may never know the answer to that. There reached a point where he was really eager to try, happily asking to sit on the potty every time he saw it then desperately trying to figure out what the heck to do on it until he got frantic and upset. We pulled the plug- the potties went completely away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Then I found out about the Squatty Potty and because we can’t afford one right now, I started using the little potty to prop my feet instead (hey- it works!). Our toddler would sometimes come into the bathroom with one of us and we’d talk about peeing on the potty or whatever we were doing and our toddler would play with the cans of cat food we have in the bathroom despite not having a cat. Sometimes, he would want to sit on the potty. We’d take his diaper off and he would point to between his legs and say “pee” but not really understand what was going on. Eventually I suggested my partner, who has the same equipment as our toddler, specifically show our toddler what ‘peeing’ meant.

A few days ago, our toddler went over to the bathroom door, grabbing his diaper, and whining to get in. We let him in, put him on the potty, and he peed.

We were both ecstatic, giving him lots of encouragement and happy parent signals. We tried putting him on the potty when we thought he might have to go without any success, wondering if we were supposed to be doing things differently or what.

Today, our toddler went into the bathroom, pointed at the big toilet, and said “pee”. I asked if he needed to use the potty, took off his diaper, he sat on the potty and peed.

I am incredibly, incredibly eager to speed this up any way possible. I hate diapers.  But I’m finally accepting that the best way to speed this up is to let my toddler go at his own pace. At least for now.

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