Is It My Fault?

I think this is something that comes into the  minds of most parents when they’re having their child evaluated for special needs. Is it my fault? Is it something I did? There’s a deep fear that maybe we’re just bad parents.

It’s also, actually, a bit of hope.

If the problems are caused by our actions, we can change our actions. There’s something we can do to prevent our next child from facing these challenges. We aren’t facing something innate to our child’s very being. We don’t have to struggle about whether we’re truly helping our child with their challenges and trying to force our child to be something they aren’t.I really do wish that this was our fault, that this was due to our actions, that if we just changed our ways our toddler wouldn’t have to face these challenges. Finding out that, no, our toddler does have special needs that date back to the womb… It’s both a relief and a heartache.

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