An(other) Update

I mentioned two months ago about how our toddler was supposed to be getting evaluated. Well, our toddler finally was evaluated a little over a week ago. It went… interestingly. On paper, kiddo isn’t delayed enough to meet their requirements, but they overrode it and felt the need was there. So, we’re officially in a program to get our toddler help.

Basically, it’s what we already knew- Bo’s development is incredibly uneven, most specifically in terms of language. Their receptive language (understanding what’s said, following directions, knowing words) is advanced, but they aren’t speaking at all. And it’s a source of frustration for our toddler, most of the time it’s not a huge deal but there are times that they’re trying to communicate something and we’re just not getting it and they get very upset.

Talking about kiddo’s sleep also helped us realize just how bad things had gotten and was part of what pushed us to once again trying to night wean kiddo, this time with some success. It is possible that a lot of our toddler’s behavior problems are related to their poor sleep, so hopefully the night weaning will help with that.

Next week we have an appointment to sort out a plan.

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