Big Kid Undies

I talked in my last post about how I finally resigned myself for “waiting until they’re ready” in terms of potty training. It was a decision that I had a really hard time accepting, and didn’t really accept until this week.

My kid has developed a sense of style. After one of those “wonder weeks” that pushed both my partner and I to the brink of madness, my baby made yet another leap towards childhood. Among other things, this included a sense of style and the desire to choose their own clothes. Thankfully, this desire doesn’t mean that they refuse what we choose, but it’s adorable and makes me very happy.

So, kiddo is suddenly keenly aware of clothes. One day, while choosing an outfit, they dug out some of the underwear we got when we were still giving EC the ol’ college try. They held it up to me, and I explained that it was big kid underwear, for kids who pee on the potty. I didn’t expect anything to come from it, and was hoping not to get a tantrum for basically saying ‘no’.

What I did not expect was for my toddler to go over to the potty (which we’d been keeping in our closet since I’d given up on potty training before this mythical “readiness”). I brought it out, took off the diaper, explained that they have to sit on the potty and pee or poo on it, and they did sit on it. The lesson went on for longer than it should have, with kiddo getting gradually more frustrated because that last link wasn’t there, it was impromptu and I wasn’t sure how best to end it.

Wanting to avoid having to repeat that every time we chose clothes, I gathered up all the big kid undies and put them out of sight. I figured that would be the end of that.

Then, today, my toddler came over and handed me a slightly damn diaper. I frowned at it, trying to work out if we had failed to throw one out (or even bundle it up), then realized kiddo was naked from the waist down. Great. So they’ve figured that one out, and still aren’t using the potty. I see a lot of clean-up in my future.

They started kind of squirming and poking at their genitals, and my partner asked if we should put on a diaper and on a whim I said “Do you have to go potty?”. Kiddo led us into the bedroom, into the closet and unearthed the potty that had been buried under clothes. We brought it out, set it down, and kiddo first played with it for a few moments then tried sitting on it. They poked at their genitals, got up and then tried a different position, so I think they’re getting the idea but just aren’t totally sure where to go with it.

I’m not sure when that final leap will take place, if there’s anything we should be doing to encourage it, but it’s pretty amazing to me to watch this kid start putting the pieces together. It makes it a lot easier to accept the idea of ‘readiness’ and just go at my toddler’s own pace.

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