I’m going to try and do the GAPS intro diet. I say ‘try’ because it’s a pretty restricted diet and right now we’re staying with my mother-in-law, so I’m not fully in control of what we buy. We live near a butcher that gives marrow bones for free, though, so if nothing else I can try to make bone broth a staple in my diet.

I have a lot of problems with food, always have, and they’ve been getting worse. I’ve talked about the problems I have with gluten, caffeine, and sugar. I have periods where dairy makes me ill, and milk always leaves a mucous-y feeling in the back of my throat. I probably should just cut dairy out, but I’m weak. I’m not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but fruit also makes me sick. I can basically only eat it if it’s wrapped in pastry, smothered in sugar, or is incredibly watered down juice. Not very healthy, and pastry and sugar both cause me other problems. Lately, vegetables have also been causing me problems- I can’t eat raw vegetables, and the list of cooked vegetables I can eat without pain is quickly dwindling. So far I’ve been okay with meat, but it’s not exactly a balanced diet to live off of meat alone.

It’s a pretty scary and frustrating feeling, to have so many foods that make you sick to eat. Especially healthy foods. I would love to eat healthy, to replace added sugar with fruit, but it just doesn’t work. I wonder what my stomach expects me to be able to live off of, because it seems like the answer is “not a lot”. It’s a lot easier to start such a restrictive diet when your body has already told you that you basically can’t eat anything else anyways.

I’ve spent years talking to doctors about my digestive problems and have never been told anything other than “It’s just stress”. I’ve been put on medication with no avail. So, yes, I’m going to give something unconventional a try.

After finishing the intro diet, if I manage, I may switch to the paleo auto-immune protocol instead of sticking with GAPS, but we’ll see. Mostly, we’ll see if I have the will-power to actually stick to either. The main reason for doing the introduction diet is that it seems like the best way to cut out anything that could likely be causing problems, giving your body the best chance to heal. It’s also less daunting to try a diet that can be done in a relatively short amount of time, depending on your progress.

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