Food has never been easy for this kid. I’m now fairly certain that kiddo has issues with corn syrup that means that the vast majority of infant formulas, even the “gentle” and “sensitive” ones, meant misery. At 11 months we got loads of samples and free coupons and figured he was old enough that it shouldn’t be a problem and while it wasn’t as bad, well, there was certainly a coincidental overall downturn.

Weaning was something they never really took to. While I heard other parents worrying because their 6 and 7 month olds started eating so much that they dropped bottles, our baby would play with food or just refuse it. Sometimes they would have good days, sometimes they would have bad days. Sometimes they would want to feed themself, sometimes they’d let us feed them. At one point, they went through a rough patch of shoving too much food in their mouth, leading to vomiting at every meal and us having to manage their portions for them. So much for BLW.

One year rolled around, and they didn’t seem anywhere near weaning. Still taking 24 oz of formula a day minimum, still having days where they refused to eat solids. Refused to drink milk when they wanted formula even though they liked it fine the rest of the time. Generally made it clear that if we wanted to wean, we’d have to starve them to do it- which we weren’t terribly interested in doing. I kept trying to take a deep breath and believe that they’d become a better eater in their own time.

12 1/2 months was met with a big sickness that had kiddo refusing to eat solids and chugging down formula. Which was fine by me given the circumstances, it meant they were getting plenty of fluids and also nutrients, but it did have me worried.

Then, after they started feeling better, they just stopped with the formula. They ate better at meals. They took plain milk. They drank water from a sippy cup. They didn’t cry until we gave a real bottle.

They still have a bottle in the early morning every day, they wake up and fuss until they get a bottle of formula, then go back to sleep for a few hours. We’re now debating how to handle that because it seems to be stopping them from eating breakfast.

Not all kids follow the same patterns, of course,

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