Ever Changing Products

I have an Airplane-style drinking problem. Not all the time, but when I’m stressed or tired my brain decides that holding and raising a cup is simply a non-essential skill. So, during one of these spells, we got a spill-resistant sippy cup. It’s about as big as a normal cup and, hey, spill-resistant.It didn’t get a huge amount of use, but it’s been floating around for three years.

Now, we’re trying to wean our baby off of the bottle- which means buying multiple sippy cups and trying to figure out which one works. Guess which one works? Surprise surprise, the one we already owned.

We’ve managed to lose it (not hard with a toddler- I think the couch ate it), so I went looking for a replacement. So far, I can’t find it. We got that other one 3 years ago and I can’t find the exact same spout and I’m not keen on spending my money on something close that may not be close enough. Toddlers can be obnoxiously picky. And since I lost the cup, I can’t even look up the brand to see if they’re sold online.

Fortunately, he’s started taking a different kind of sippy cup that we had, so I don’t have to take that financial leap of faith. But it is a little odd, and frustrating, that it’s not there. It makes me wonder what other products we used with our first that won’t be available for future kids.


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