Fish Oil for Depression

Have you ever had something that you’ve researched so much you’re sure that you know basically all there is to know? That’s what depression was for me. I’ve had untreated depression since before I was 10, I wasn’t able to get diagnosed until I hit 18 and was an adult, but I had the same symptoms for as long as I can remember. I’ve looked up every treatment I could. I’ve tried several different anti-depressants. I was sure that I knew every single possible way to help wtih depression, tried it, and gotten no results.

Then someone randomly suggested vitamin D while I was playing with the idea of taking fish oil more (fish oil often has vitamin D as well). I’ve taken fish oil on and off without any real results, but there is evidence that fish oil can help with depression.

I’ve made two big changes from when I’ve taken fish oil before:

-Taking it twice a day, for a higher overall dosage. If I only take it in the morning, I noticed that my symptoms came back by the evening, so I take one with lunch or dinner as well. If I take too little in the morning, my symptoms also come back.

-Taking the fish oil/butter oil blend that WAP folks go wild about. I take that in the morning and a normal fish oil (rather than cod liver oil, although I’m planning on getting a proper CLO after this runs out) in the afternoon. I’d heard enough about the benefits of it for general health, teeth, etc and didn’t feel the risks were big enough so I was willing to try it- I don’t totally know if it’s made the difference, but it hasn’t hurt.

Cutting out gluten has also helped, it’s made my fibro overall a lot better. I’ve also cut out caffeine, which worsens my acne and fatigue, and I’m trying to cut out sugar. I’m not suggesting this alone is the be-all-end-all, but it sure hasn’t hurt. It’s really amazing just how much more stable I am now, how much more energy I have, how much better I’m doing.

I really wish that I’d known about this ages ago.

(as always- these are my experiences, I’m not a medical professional, talk to your doctor and do your own research rather than taking the advice of random strangers on the internet)

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