Eating Healthy- and how hard it is to properly do so

I’ve been talking a lot about where my new research and ideas about health have taken me. As I don’t follow a one size fits all approach, I won’t say that what’s working for me will work for everyone, and encourage everyone to do all the research they can to find their own solutions. This is working for me, though.

One thing I’m getting very frustrated with is just how expensive it is to go truly healthy. Organic is better than non-organic, at least theoretically. Grass fed meat and eggs and dairy products are better than grain fed, but is also far harder to find and far more expensive. Fish oil supplements that aren’t overheated and so maintain the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals are far better for you than fish oil supplements that either don’t have the minerals or have them artificially added. Guess which is easier to access and less expensive (not that everyone can even afford the “cheap” supplements!). Wild caught fish are better than farm fish– but either way, the mercury will kill you, so be careful eating fish. Pasteurizing milk destroys health benefits, but accessing safe raw milk isn’t always easy unless you own your own cow. Properly prepared grains and nuts are better for you, but many people don’t have the time or equipment to properly soak and dehydrate them.  Easily accessible water filters don’t remove enough toxins, you need the ones that cost 10 times more.

I could go on. You get the idea. Getting foods that have proper levels of nutrients, aren’t super fatty, don’t have anti-nutrients, etc can easily cost a minimum of twice as much (if you’re lucky) or take far more time. Maybe this isn’t a big deal for most people, but not eating this way has left me riddled with health problems- and way too many people are facing health problems these days that could be linked to diet as well. If eating the “unhealthy” healthy foods works for you- go for it. Heck, if eating nothing but junk food leaves you with no ill health effects- power to you! The rest of us, though? We’re in trouble.

And, even eating ‘unhealthy’ healthy is too expensive for some people. There are people who live in food deserts that can’t afford healthy food by any standard.

I’ve seen a few blogs that talk about how eating healthy can be affordable- then advocate $50/month supplements for one person. Some people can only afford $30 per week for food- that supplement would be almost half their monthly budget. This shows just how big the disconnect is between what people who can afford to eat healthy think “affordable” is and what affordable is for too many people. I

We aren’t as bad off as some people, but our budget is quite limited. Going gluten free is really rough financially, part of the reason I questioned if grains are necessary is because gluten free easily triples the cost of flour. I’d rather spend the extra money getting more vegetables! For some people, though, that extra cost is too much. Bread is cheap and it fills your stomach, whether or not it’s good for you in the long run, in the short run it’ll keep you from starving- and sometimes that’s all people can really afford.

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