Goat’s Milk

After doing some research into it, I like the benefits of goat’s milk. My dad and uncle were also both put on goat’s milk as young children due to not being able to tolerate cow’s milk, and have periods of lactose intolerance, so it seemed like it might be something we’d need for our baby anyways. So, I got some to give it a try. I took one sip and immediately felt sick. I tried again awhile later-  same result. I made mini quiches using goat’s milk and cow cheese, immediate and unrelenting heartburn.

Okay. So, apparently, goat’s milk is not for me. I’m a bit disappointed, but it’s not a big deal in this culture.

Our baby, however? Loved it. Scarfed down four of those mini quiches (which also had a good amount of veg in them, so I was fine with that) in one day, despite still not being that big on solids.

That evening, our baby’s skin was clear. No red marks. No rough patches. I have never seen it so clear in their entire life, not even on breast milk. At every single pediatrician appointment I’ve asked about the red marks and been told it was just our baby’s skin.  We’ve tried both eczema bath and lotion. While the other benefits that may have come from goat’s milk might be coincidental, that one I have a hard time believing is- especially as the red comes back after a day that our baby hasn’t had any goat’s milk.

After that first day, our baby hasn’t eaten as much- generally about one mini quiche during the day and sometimes a bit of oatmeal made with goat’s milk, but the benefits are still there. Far clearer skin, more good moods and more good nights.

I admit, I’ve always kind of wondered if the benefits of goat’s milk was more the benefits of not drinking cow’s milk- I now know that it’s not. Our baby’s still on a cow’s milk based formula, the quiche was made with cow cheese, etc. But that little addition of goat’s milk has helped.

So, clearly my baby does really well on goat’s milk. But it makes me sick. If I followed a One Size Fits All philosophy, either I should tough out the sickness and drink goat’s milk because EVERYONE must do well on it, or I should deprive my child of a decently healthy, safe food that makes them feel better.

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