Alone Time

From time to time, our baby will get very, very fussy. Nothing we’ll do is right, nothing helps, and they give no indication of what they want. Usually when this happens, they’re tired or there’s a tooth incoming or they’re getting sick, but sometimes it’ll happen without any indications of other problems.

At some point, I’ll have to put Bo down and go do something else. Either make myself food (because it’s really hard to deal with a fussy baby on an empty belly) or just take a moment’s breather to try and tackle the problem. I brace myself for the impending crying, close the gate, and every so often find myself faced with silence.

I look back into the room and my baby’s happily playing there. Sometimes, our baby just needs alone time. We don’t just neglect them, obviously, we still check back periodically, call over, sometimes go into the room and try to interact, but our baby really just needs a bit of time to themself.

It’s really hard to tell when this will happen. There’s no sign of the need beyond the inexplicable fussiness, and it really doesn’t happen very often. Most of the time our baby is clingy, and when they need alone time they don’t suddenly become distant; they become clingy and fussy and frustrated because the clinging isn’t helping. It’s honestly a relief when this happens, because it can be hard to get things done while taking care of a baby, and also because both my partner and I are introverts. We need our own alone time to quietly do our own thing, and it’s not very easy to get that with a baby in the house.


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