Elimination Diets and What I’ve Learned from my Child

I’ve thought about doing various “cut out X” diets in the past. I have a lifetime of health problems, mental disorders that defy medication and all the other treatments, the only thing I haven’t done is cutting out potential problems. The problem is, those diets are daunting as anything, and it’s hard to believe they’ll work unless you’ve seen it do so.

I tried going gluten free after learning this can help with fibromyalgia. I very quickly lost my will and just cut out gluten as much as I could without too much inconvenience or expense. My understanding of gluten is that this… really doesn’t do anything.

What does this have to do with my 9 month old who still doesn’t eat much solids? Well, my baby’s the one who showed me that these things work, that what you eat can have a catastrophic effect on you, even beyond allergies. I’ve already talked about the nightmare we had with formula. It’s hard to say for sure that any of the problems they had with the bad formulas was specifically an allergy without testing, but they were there whatever they were. The difference between the bad formulas and the good formula is just amazing.

I still consider my child a baby who cries a lot because, for those first few months, they did.  Hours straight of inconsolable crying, trying every option under the sun without success, feeling like our baby wouldn’t care if we were alive because our presence sure wasn’t helping, hating parents who talk about “not letting” their babies cry for hoarding their secret to happy babies.

Now, our baby doesn’t cry that much. As part of recording their sleep, I’ve also recorded how much they cry and there are days I don’t put down anything. There are still bad days, but unless they’re sick or a tooth is cutting, crying is generally only for a few minutes at most. Even with sickness and tooth or growing pain, our baby is nowhere near as inconsolable. Our baby is still fairly high needs, but it’s not as bad.

So, clearly food matters. A lot. And I’ve seen enough studies about how sugar increases depression and anecdotal evidence to know that I may really benefit from a different diet. And I now really do believe that I at least need to temporarily cut out foods and see if it makes a difference. It’s just taking that final step that’s daunting. I have a really hard time trying new food because so many foods make me sick (hmm, gosh, that isn’t a sign that the foods have something in them I shouldn’t be eating is it?), and if I severely cut out the amount of nutrition I’m getting, then that’s not really going to help.

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