Dry Diapers

For just under two weeks, we’ve been doing a very relaxed version of Elimination Communication. Just putting our baby on the potty, going by generic timing (after waking up, during diaper changes, trying to manage before going out and after coming back), and trying to give a bit of diaper-free time here and there. I didn’t expect loads and started trying to decide how to be more pro-active. Our baby is one of the ones who only seems to signal while in diapers, if they signal at all, and it’s not easy for us to know immediately when they’ve wet their diaper.  Even with pooping- there aren’t always signals. Sometimes it’s preceded by 5 minutes of grunting, sometimes we only realize when we smell something.

Then, the last two days I realized that our baby seems to get what the potty is for. In the past few days, there’s been two times that we took off the diaper to put baby on the potty and realized the diaper was completely dry- and baby went. Last night, I sat baby on the potty, and they just went and, as soon as finishing, immediately fussed and grabbed to be let off. The same happened this morning (which, by the way, baby woke up with a fairly dry diaper- a bit wet, but not SOAKED and no midnight changes needed like usual). If we put Bo on the potty when they don’t need to go- they won’t go, and also have stopped being willing to sit for awhile. It used to be that we could get baby to stay on for 5 or 10 minutes by reading, playing, singing- now, nope. They know what it’s for, are willing to use it, and simply will not stay a moment longer than necessary.

I’m not entirely sure how to get baby to signal specifically, and we’re still having trouble recognizing signals or even figuring out more specific timing than just the generic after waking. I’m getting better about signing ‘potty’, my partner’s trying to remember to use the sign as well, but our baby hasn’t started using any signs.

I’m not expecting 100% success. I wasn’t even expecting this much success- and I think the low pressure helped. This isn’t bad results for what was, honestly, really minimal effort. Even if we don’t get any farther than this- saving a few diapers a days adds up and having a baby who’s used to the potty and knows what it’s for will be helpful when the time for actual potty training rolls around. I am hoping we can get farther than this (someday we will, obviously), but I’m also not upset if we stay at this point for a few months.

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