Feeding and Independence

Feeding our baby has never been a terribly easy journey. Attempts at breastfeeding generally ended in crying, it took months to find the right formula, etc. I kind of hoped that solids would be a bit easier- but no luck.

Although we tried early introduction to solids, our baby did not go for it until shortly after 6 months. We tried to do a combination of traditional weaning (spoon-feeding purees) and baby led weaning, preferring BLW but wanting kiddo to get used to SOME solids. It took a good while for BLW to make any progress.

Well, that has certainly reversed. We’ve now reached the point where Bo will refuse spoon-feeding without being allowed finger food first. This is the stages that mealtime has to take if we want kiddo to take purees:

-Finger food (nommed, the amount swallowed is variable, usually not much)

-Self-feeding with the spoon (we offer the spoon, kiddo grabs it. We keep a firm but gentle grasp to prevent the spoon from going flying, but kiddo directs the food into their own mouth)

-Parent-directed feeding with the spoon

We haven’t just given up on purees because, well, first because we still have them and I made a bunch over thanksgiving. But mostly because kiddo still isn’t swallowing much when eating finger foods, and with their stomach we’d rather they get used to solids from spoon-feeding than not at all.

It took a bit of time and frustration to figure out that this was what was going on- we don’t always have finger food on hand when we’re out, so it seemed like kiddo was just refusing solids as a whole (and some days that is the case). Now that we’ve figured it out, I’m actually ridiculously proud.

It’s a bit more messy and frustrating than we always like, especially since kiddo doesn’t take well to bibs and food finds its way under them anyways (part of our laundry routine is now “soak and pretreat the baby clothes”).

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