IUDs & Implants

After giving birth, and a bit before, I had a lot of healthcare providers talking to me about birth control. One thing that came up was IUDs and Implants. These are really awesome things that I’m glad are available- but they are not for me.

Personally, I just really dislike the having to go to a doctor to get it removed if it starts causing a problem or even if we just decide to have another baby. I’ve actually seen a few people who tried to get the IUD out and got crap from their doctor when they said they wanted to try to conceive. You technically can remove the IUD yourself, and possibly the implant, but it’s not advised.

I had problems when I was on depo provera, it started grossly exacerbating my joint problems and I just couldn’t handle that. I don’t want to find out how these mess me up, only to have to deal with it until my schedule allows me a doctor’s appointment.

That’s just my feelings on the subject. I was just getting frustrated by people (mostly the health professionals) who kept pushing them on me.

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