The Best Laid Plans

Honestly, I don’t like formula. I like the idea of it. It’s given us the ability to have and feed a baby. It means we don’t have to rely on strangers’ milk- something that I’m honestly not comfortable with. We found one donor we trusted, who could not produce a full supply for two babies, and we’re grateful for what we got.

So, as you can imagine, I started solids hoping to have one of those babies who takes to real food like a champ and start eating enough to not need as much formula.

I don’t. Because we hadn’t been able to find the right formula by 4 months- we tried introducing solids early. Bo would taste, but that was it. About a week after our baby turned 6 months, after the second tooth cut, suddenly Bo went wild for solids- eating so much in one day that we spent the night with an upset baby belly.

Since then, the amount our baby will eat has been highly variable.  I think, cumulatively, there have been about 7 days over the last month that our baby has eaten a good amount of solids at a time.

We have a babyfood maker we got at Goodwill. We would love to make homemade baby food. We have, actually, tried a few times without success. So, well, I just can’t feel the desire to make baby food on any given day.

Well, today is Thanksgiving in the US. We’re staying in and making a dinner for the three of us- which, as we like salt and sugar and our baby hasn’t tried too many spices, means making separate food for us and the baby. (you can make baby-friendly food of course, we’re compiling recipes, today I want my salted, butter-loaded mashed potatoes and sugary candied yams and my partner wants turnips smothered in honey) Because single-portions for a baby that rarely eats solids are so small, this means that I’m making things to freeze- both purees and holdable-size pieces.

I have no idea how much of this will be eaten. We’ve got about 5 different things for baby to try, again both spoon-fed and self-fed both single-foods and mixtures, and there is no way to know if any of these will be eaten.

Hopefully it will be, though.

Update: Since posting this, we’ve had dinner- baby sat on my lap. While I ate, my baby gnawed and mushed pieces of steamed sweet potato, eating a bit but most of it ended up on them, me, or the floor and, once I was done, a bite of mashed potatoes with baby-safe gravy and sweet potato-carrot puree. After dinner, my partner immediately took baby for a bath as I picked the food up off the floor.

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