First Tooth

Our baby has finally cut their first tooth at 6 months, 4 days. After just 4 months of pre-teething! 4 long, long months…

Teething has been incredibly frustrating for all of us. It’s difficult to tell when the problem is teething pain vs other things- so it can take us way too long to realize that that’s the problem. There’ve been a few times that we’ve gotten very frustrated for a few hours of inconsolable crying only for one of us to shove a finger in the kid’s mouth, which would promptly get gummed to a pulp and the baby would pass out.

We have tried Hyland’s Teething Tablets and the Orajel Naturals with similar ingredients (they’re good for cutting the immediate pain but, in our experience, only last for about 45 minutes). I greatly dislike having to rely on tylenol, but there have been a few days when that was the only thing that would help the pain.

It has gotten a bit easier over time. The first pre-teething was awful because little Bo wasn’t able to hold teething toys or even gum on their own fingers. Which meant a lot of time for the adults spent sitting with a finger in the baby’s mouth. Then Bo figured out how to chew on their own finger and is now quite adept at holding and steering teething toys (aka: “anything that can fit in their mouth”). Of course, sometimes your parent’s finger is still the only thing that will help.

Last night was a very bad night, then today at dinner my partner checked Bo’s gums and found something sharp.

I’m really looking forward to what it’ll be like for all of the rest to come through…

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