Bedsharing with Fibromyalgia

Bedsharing, and the baby sleeping best on me (little one alternates between which of the two of us are best to sleep on), are things I have really complex feelings about.

I love snuggling up with my baby. I love that I make them feel comfortable and safe. I love those sweet little noises they make in their sleep.

But when it’s the only way to get the baby down when I have things to do- it’s frustrating. We try everything we can think of to get the baby to sleep other ways- and these last few days have been particularly bad for sleep, we’ve spent 5 hours trying to get a tired baby to sleep. We try at the first sign of sleepiness, but this kid just finds life way too fascinating to go down.

Whether it’s stress or the change of seasons or what, my fibromyalgia’s flaring up as well- adding a new level of complex to this. There is no comfortable position to sleep in- on my stomach/back, my back starts aching unbearably. On my side- my legs and hips get in awful pain. My only bet is to shift around.

Queue having to sleep under a baby who makes it difficult to shift around.

I’m starting to get better at being able to switch positions without waking the baby, but it’s still very difficult. And finding a way for the baby not to sleep on me is actually really not an option- unless they’re snuggled up to me, they kick and squirm in their sleep (they get that from me), and have my uncanny ability of hitting the places that most hurt.

It’s frustrating.

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