I Love Baby Wearing

Pregnancy and birth really messed up my hips. For the first two weeks, I could barely stand. For the first few months, I needed a cane (I needed a cane for most of pregnancy, too, so that wasn’t a surprise) and couldn’t walk long distances. Physical therapy, and time, helped fix it so I’m pretty much back to normal now. Of course, with joint problems and fibromyalgia- my “normal” would probably make most people call in sick, but, hey, normal.

My dad bought us a ring sling before baby was even born because my mom had used and loved one with me. My partner and I used it a little bit at the beginning. I liked the ring sling, but it was hard to use when I wasn’t exactly able to walk well. Once I was able to walk well, baby was large enough that having all that weight on one shoulder was just really uncomfortable. In theory I liked the idea, but in reality it was just painful.

After finally getting the fabric for a wrap, I’ve started using it more. I mostly use it on campus when I do my job- I pick up and deliver mail for the theater department, and also run errands. It’s a lot easier with the wrap instead of having to cart the stroller around an absurdly inaccessible campus.

I really love having my baby on my chest. It’s nice having them so close, and for me to be able to do things while having them that close. Whenever I wear the wrap for long enough, they fall asleep (and my baby fights sleep- getting them down for naps and bedtime is incredibly frustrating no matter when or how we try). They’re calm, even when I’m not walking around. My partner and I had a meeting with a career counselor, who has a 14 month old, and she was amazed by how good our baby was- they only started getting fussy after we’d finished with the actual meeting and had started chatting about our kids.

My partner finally gave the wrap a try at their job the other week. They were really amazed by just how well it went- the baby was very good, eventually fell asleep, and it didn’t really get in their way very much.

I’m not sure when our baby is going to decide that they don’t want to be in the wrap anymore, but I’m hoping to be able to use it as long as they’ll let me.

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