I got the wrong fabric. Fortunately.

I have limited knowledge of fabrics. I can work a sewing machine, I attended a few classes on it when I was a kid, but that’s it. So I went into Jo-Ann fabrics and tried to figure out which was the best. I went with my dad, who has about equal knowledge to me. At some point we said “well, this is a test run, if it doesn’t work out- no big deal” and just went with one that felt soft and looked nice.

(for the record: It is a dinosaur print from the nursery section.)

After my last post, someone commented about woven wraps. Now, I’m new to this, I wasn’t aware of the difference between stretchy and woven wraps. After looking into it, I realized that I’m pretty sure the fabric I got was woven. After more digging on how to tell the difference (this was a little easier- I’ve knitted, so I can recognize knit fabric), I realized that, yup, it’s woven.

Which means that it’s far better for my baby (who’s over 16 lbs, stretchy wraps tend to start failing around 15), more versatile, etc.

So, while I completely failed at getting stretchy fabric like I meant to- turns out I got the better fabric for my situation!

Of course, now I actually need to get around to hemming the edges.

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