Adventures in BabyWearing

Before our baby was born, my dad got us a ring sling. My mom had one when I was a baby that I loved. We used it on and off. One of the more common uses for us was to use it when we were going shopping or on short trips where getting the stroller out wasn’t worth it.

Now that school’s started again and we’re on campus with our baby Bo, I’ve started trying to use the sling more. It’s much more convenient than having to push the stroller around all the time.

I like having baby like that. It’s a bit nostalgic, and much easier to deal with now that I can take them out and they can make it clear they want out whenever it no longer works for us. Unlike the last month or so of pregnancy, at which point I’m pretty sure my baby was pissed off about not having space. It’s easier to get things done when the baby demands to be held constantly, too.

The biggest problem I have with it is that it puts too much weight on just one shoulder. We’ve got the material to make a “moby” wrap and are going to give that a shot.

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3 Responses to Adventures in BabyWearing

  1. katesurfs says:

    Have you tried a woven wrap yet? They are awesome! You can use them for longer than stretchy type wrap, and they’re more versatile as you can use them on the back too for when the baby gets older 🙂

    • MySapling says:

      Not yet! 🙂 I’ll definitely look into that, though.

      It looks like I might be able to use the wraps we made for that- I’m not sure what the difference between stretchy and woven is, the fabric we got really isn’t very stretchy and it’s quite wide. (obviously I’ll be incredibly careful if I did try it for that!)

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