Cloth Diapers

Today we had the big cloth diaper moment- a dirty cloth diaper.

Before LO was born, we had been given cloth diapers by one of my partner’s teachers- her youngest is outgrowing toddler stuff so she was fairly desperate to get everything baby stuff out of her house, so she gave it to us! I looked up how to use it, tried to figure it out, then finally, 2 months after the baby was born, asked my dad what he did with me.

So, I gave it a shot. I tried once, didn’t seem to go too bad, but LO is teething and I don’t really want to find out that some of the fussing is from the cloth diapers, so I laid off. I washed the diaper with the towels, using the special soap and such, and that seemed to work fine. Then I decided to try again this evening, not entirely sure why I just felt like it. I thought it was a bit wet, the baby started crying so I suggested we change it, we took the diaper off and… well, it wasn’t just wet.

I’m impressed, with disposable diapers you can smell it a mile away, neither of us smelled it at all with the cloth.

I’m not really sure that’s an advantage…

So, I cleaned it off as best as I could, put it in the container with hot soapy water, and I think we’ll try the diapers again.

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