My Thoughts on Home Birth

(I wrote this while pregnant, before actually giving birth, but my thoguhts haven’t overwhelmingly changed)

I admit that I do not like hospitals. I don’t like being in them. I don’t find them relaxing, enjoyable places to be. But, then, how many people do? Hospitals are where you go when something’s gone wrong.

Not always, of course, but most of the times (outside birth) you go to a hospital when everything is normal, it’s only to get a check up or verify that everything is normal. Which is what pre-natal visits, testing, doppler, ultrasounds, etc are for- checking that everything is normal. The difference is that when I go for a physical and get a clean bill of health, I do not then sit around the hospital waiting for something to go wrong.

I don’t refuse to go to hospitals, I don’t refuse modern medicine. We opted out of the genetic testing/amnio because we don’t have any family history and didn’t feel like fighting with the insurance to figure out if it covered it or not. I would not have agreed to too high a number of ultrasounds, but was insistent on a fetal echo because my mother was born with a heart condition and we needed to get the baby checked out. If that echo had come out saying the baby was anything but normal, that there was a real chance that our baby could need medical attention immediately or very soon after birth- the home birth plan would have been scrapped then and there.

It did come back normal, though. The pregnancy has had no complications. My mom did not have any complications giving birth to me and there’s no history in either of our families of complications in birth. The baby has dutifully been in proper head-down position at all of our most recent pre-natal appointments. Going to the hospital, unless something goes wrong to deserve it, would be an unnecessary stress during an already stressful time. Being in hospitals puts me on high alert, I just don’t like being in them- not really conducive to focusing all my energy on getting this kid born.

(admittedly, it does help to be about a 5 minute drive away from the nearest hospital)

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