Queer Mother’s & Father’s Day

In addition to “What will they call you?”, I imagine that some people are wondering how we’re handling mother’s and father’s day. As I’ve mentioned, my partner and I are both transgender- and also both non-binary. There isn’t really a “Gender Neutral Parent’s Day”.

What we’re personally doing, at least right now, is effected by the fact that we’re a bi-national family and the UK has a different Mother’s day than the US, but the same Father’s day.

We’re sharing Father’s day, and my partner will get the UK Mother’s day and I’ll get the US Mother’s day. It’s possible that we’ll change what we do as time goes on- but for now it seems like a nice set up to both have a day to ourselves and also have one together. This year, because we didn’t have a baby until after the UK mother’s day and because our baby came early, I got my partner a gift for May 12.

We celebrated by taking exams 2 weeks after having a baby. I’m hoping that won’t become a tradition.

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